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Josh Harlan

Director of Investments Research


Josh is an expert at leveraging programming and technology to improve the efficiencies of financial firms for the benefit of their clients. He has long put his technological savvy to work in the financial sector, implementing frameworks to systems that were previously ad hoc, manual, or time-consuming.

Before starting at Delphi, Josh worked at an alternative asset management company in San Diego, serving a client base of high-net-worth and institutional investors around the world. Working at Delphi is his first experience in private wealth management. He joined the company because of the people who work here and the culture they have built. He’s inspired by the company’s growth over the past few years, and all it has done to make its clients’ lives better.

Josh’s goal is to help Delphi’s clients build robust portfolios that balance protecting and growing their wealth through sensible investments in the market. For him, knowing precisely where each client falls on the spectrum of wealth preservation to wealth generation is essential for tailoring the set of investments that is right for them.

Josh grew up going to baseball games with his parents in St. Louis. He’s still a Cardinals fan today, albeit halfway across the country. Other than baseball, Josh enjoys spending time outdoors—running, hiking, and exploring the incomparable beauty of Southern California.

Career Highlights

  • Graduating from a Top 10 public business school, where he learned from professors with a wide set of experience in finance.
  • Working at an alternative asset management firm, where he learned nearly every aspect of operations and investment.


  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, University of Arizona
  • Master of Science, Finance, University of Arizona

I’m inspired by the fact that we can help our clients beyond just their financial lives. It’s a sense of completeness and involvement that can’t happen at a more narrowly focused financial firm.